A gold mine into Hangzhou through the nternet or network group purchase net accept the television n

the evening of August 1, 2010, Zhejiang economic TV channel "television news" on the Hangzhou website through tongla.com network group purchase it for an interview.

below is a video interview report:

said the group purchase, many people will think of group purchase car building materials, but you want to group purchase service? Now in many of the group purchase website, you can group purchase restaurant delicious, can hairdressing group purchase service.


group purchase website, through the network, on-line only two weeks, registered users reached more than 20 thousand. Buy site popularity is evident. Through the network, said the person in charge: buy is to buy in large quantities, so businesses can give us a very favorable price, in addition, buy platform for businesses to promote products."

buy 2 is a new shopping model, you need to buy the site to buy the service group. The 2 group purchase is the originator of the American Groupon, the establishment of a year and a half as high as $1 billion 350 million valuation, his success also led to the domestic group purchase business boom. From the beginning of March this year, group purchase website just 3 months to reach more than and 400, become the new Internet investment boom, in the face of raging like a storm in the field of group purchase, Hangzhou traditional network group purchase is terrible.

buy this form is very popular with the people, because it broke a lot of traditional marketing model, in terms of Hangzhou, it should be said that competition is fierce.

buy in the market, it also has a breakdown of the problem. The new group buying site focuses on small consumer products, focusing on a product by focusing on one God, which is more like an advertisement or promotion. The traditional buy network to rely on professional services, improve the transparency of the price of the industry, consumers are more willing to team combat. The group purchase site of initiation threshold is not high, uneven consumption, how to distinguish? First we should choose some formal qualifications of website, but also pay attention to business and the way he called restriction and cooperation system, the security level of consumers now after all from the perspective of network group purchase industry, it belongs to a low threshold, and the lack of the necessary regulatory measures on supervision.

video address: http://s.www.56.com/u50/v_NTM5ODI4NDc.html




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