B2C operation experts see how twisted towel cost Langsha mall

The Internet electronic commerce

2009, various heroes compete the last piece of feng shui treasure beach. Since 2006, all kinds of business model of electronic commerce is raging like a storm, annual growth of tens or hundreds of times, so that the rapid growth of many businesses kill red eye. The mall is Langsha Langsha "the old brand, has become one of the few outstanding B2C mall mall, not only provide e-commerce services for the domestic first-line clothing underwear brand, service e-commerce operations for other garment Brand Company for the end consumer, once upon a time period of planning, building a network platform to operate, promotion, logistics and distribution, financial settlement, customer service, Langsha mall behind the team – wise team, can provide a full range of solutions. Provides B2C operations a good promotion and profit as a case of successful example of the clothing brand B2C operators "wise team" — "Langsha mall".

: a new mode of integration of Langsha mall + lock

The integration of

brand products of high quality resources, integrate the resources of excellent channel agents, the loyalty card lock the terminal consumers, manufacturers, distributors, customers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win new e-commerce business model. This is a new model of Langsha mall, zero inventory risk high return to advantage, also let Langsha quickly cut into the E-commerce mall shop franchise market, cutting out the network Langsha "brand agent of high-end crowd, provide service and good business opportunities for entrepreneurs. An online store in the normal sales of profit analysis, the average daily sales net profit of 80 yuan ~600 yuan. The average sales profit under the normal sales statistics: 300 yuan. Monthly profit: 300 yuan / day *30 days =9000 yuan; annual profit: 9000*12=108000 yuan; free agency fees, zero threshold of entrepreneurship, low risk and high return conditions for more network operators into the brand shop agent to. Shop investment small, very low operating costs. Has a global, 24 hours, a day of uninterrupted operation of the online shop, assisted by QQ, mobile phones and other modern communications and well-developed logistics and distribution system, which constitutes the online shop software and hardware environment. Langsha mall shop join to effectively gather resources, effective integration and clear strategy is a new mode of implementation of the beautiful turn Langsha mall.

mall — new exploration opportunities Langsha +


second is the second wave of gorgeous Langsha mall operators team — Huizhi team attack. Nowadays, the business model of the network marketing of the clothing industry has been transformed from the original idea into a commercial form with a clear profit model. The market brand competition, profit margins, small batch production of many varieties, increased demand, inventory costs increase, shorten the period of the increasing pressure of the traditional threshold of market access, domestic brand clothing development, market competition becomes increasingly fierce; in the double squeeze competition and cost, the average profit rate decline in many clothing manufacturers terminal demand; consumer groups continue to breakdown, small batch production of many varieties, increased demand. >

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