Why Taobao sellers refused to give a single

assumes no bad teacher situation, as a buyer to buy defective rights to the poor, perfectly logical and reasonable legal. However, if you buy the same 100 pieces of goods, 90 people found that 2 seconds, to 2 poor products, 90 people praise rate is 98%. At the same time, there are 2 people will find 10 ones, the two men praise rate is 90%, there will be 2 people what are not found defective, favorable rate is 100%.

actually, what is the same, but the population of the world is such a distribution, the vast majority of people’s values are the same, but there will be some people than ordinary people, more picky more over, while at the same time there will be no so-called special is particularly generous people some.

as a seller, he touched the vast majority of customers are ordinary people, but also will encounter some of them speak with people, but the seller is certainly not willing to deal with such customers, not just bad, but usually the seller to pay service and more time for this customer.

with this consensus, the title of the Lord you said I reply to a few points.

1, the freedom of the transaction, the seller and the buyer have the freedom of the transaction, the seller can not sell you of course, you can also find other buyers. Believe me, most sellers are not concerned about the poor, but there will be some sellers pay special attention to poor reviews, there are some sellers do not care about the poor. You look for those who do not pay attention to poor people.

2, poor discrimination, the title of the Lord you worry about, and no one seller only for the buyer to provide a good service, unless he does not want to make money. The average person’s poor rating should be almost the same, the normal rate of the difference is entirely within the scope of the seller. But if the problem is that your assessment is much higher than normal, then I think you should consider whether you are particularly picky people.

3, the seller inferiority complex, can not talk about inferiority, I also believe that the Lord of the poor is a normal assessment of rights, but the subject of the normal requirements of the higher than the average number of people. Although a little bit of a problem, but the seller actively resolved, the attitude is very good, I believe this evaluation is very important to the seller. Bonus points, please pay attention to actively solve four words, which is the need to provide additional services to the seller. Although I think the seller has the obligation to provide such additional services for their customers, but I also understand that the seller wants to minimize the occurrence of such things.

4, Taobao

system, I have always believed that buyers and sellers are equal, no one who is more than a cut above others. If you can not see the seller can not accept the record of bad reviews, I can not accept. Therefore, in view of fairness, I believe that the seller has the right to look at the buyer’s poor record.

addition: the above assumption is just not bad teacher under the condition of the actual situation, as the seller did not meet some special care of customers, after all, is a small part of the people, if every 100 customers have.

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