Dangdang by BBK stores attack line

in order to consolidate the status of the class B2C electricity supplier boss, Dangdang began the layout of the next line store experience strategy. BBK commercial chain Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "BBK") recently announced that the company has with Beijing dangdang.com Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "dangdang.com") signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement to include cooperation in BBK stores opened the line of experiential bookstore" ".

pointed out that the announcement, offline experience Bookstore project format planning for the opened area of 1000 square meters above the bookstore in BBK stores more than 150 thousand square meters, opened the bookstore in the area of 200-1000 square meters of 30 thousand square meters of -15 bookstore, open area of 200 square meters of the house of 30 thousand square meters in the store. At the same time, BBK will open cloud monkey global purchase channel in dangdang.com, sharing both passenger flow, and other resources.

Dangdang books to start and occupy the first position in the industry, but this position has been threatened. In recent years, dangdang.com by Jingdong suning.com, Tmall, etc. in the book category of electric attack. Some analysts believe that Dangdang’s move is to stabilize its book share in the industry. BBK products for the crowd of young people, with the best-selling book category audience groups.

Shanghai Wan Qing Business Consulting Co. Ltd. CEO Lu Zhenwang said that dangdang.com move intended to enter the line. But the overall operation of the bookstore is not good, store store model will not have a lot of space to put the book, the opening of the line experience bookstore will increase the flow, but there will not be much profit increase. Dangdang.com books have occupied a large share, will not have much impact line shop. (reporter Li Duo)

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