The logic behind Jingdong brewmaster network marriage

brewmaster network recently and Jingdong announced a strategic partnership depth, brewmaster network flagship store settled in Jingdong, Jingdong will open platform for the opening of Easy Access brewmaster network, to create a favorable operating environment for liquor brands settled landing and development. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages in the future to expand the depth of cooperation, to provide consumers with a more professional and comprehensive wine online shopping experience. Before brewmaster network has to Kuba, Dangdang, the 1st shops have established deep partnerships, the brewmaster network and Jingdong mall cooperation, the author expressed optimistic, and try to refine the logic behind this cooperation, welcome to discuss.


At least

has the following advantages:

for brewmaster network

1, widening the traffic entrance

from the electricity market scale, said big say little; from the perspective of mainstream consumer groups, consumer liquor also did not become the depth of online shopping users, along with the waning of e-commerce in the demographic dividend, the electricity supplier user acquisition costs more and more high. Brewmaster network including Jingdong, with various platforms, has become a very good choice to lower the cost of acquiring new customers, expand sales, it also provides support for the brewmaster network recently announced the "three year sales break billion" target. As a registered user China B2C Iguodala billion, the Jingdong, brewmaster network cooperation, will bring the user to brewmaster network traffic and conversion of a considerable amount of.

Vintage Jun commentary: brewmaster network at least able to achieve two purposes: 1, to expand sales, consolidate its liquor electricity supplier boss status, this is the brewmaster network very realistic goal; 2, the Jingdong and other electronic business platform, further develop the consumer of alcoholic products online shopping habits, expand liquor products online shopping user scale, do for further circulation of alcoholic products for discourse right, this is a long-term goal brewmaster network.

2, the logistics supply chain system of Jingdong

Jingdong left to the industry more impression is that the two hard life can burn off all kinds of financing, the price war in marketing, with a Jingdong continuous huge losses to continue out of the news. In fact, these are just the appearance, when consumers find the morning orders in the Jingdong, will be the afternoon time of receipt, you suddenly become aware of the Jingdong are skills accumulate steadily. Jingdong burn while on e-commerce key strategic layout of a fall, the supply chain platform, cloud computing, big data these are Jingdong in the future electricity supplier competition in chips. Brewmaster network and Jingdong jointly by the logistics distribution system of Jingdong, and perfect customer service service, driven by big data and cloud computing and other information technology, can better improve the brewmaster network brand value, improve liquor brewmaster network marketing platform and the scale of supply system for the brewmaster network to achieve higher goals to lay the foundation for the article from the wine net.

wine commentary: Jun has brewmaster network to become the leader in the domestic liquor vertical electric providers, but.

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