Customs also occupy the mobile terminal App can query clearance status


] January 15th news billion state power network, with the gradual liberalization of cross-border electricity supplier in China related policies, regulations and customs related announcement has become even more frequent. Billion state power network that China Customs recently launched the official App "customs release, while Android and iOS two platform line.  

customs official App "customs release"

according to customs official introduction, the purpose of the launch of the App is to adapt to the rapid development of new media, expand the influence of customs propaganda. App will publish the news information, statistics letters, laws and regulations, General Administration of the General Administration of customs and the General Administration of public security and other information.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in addition to the above information, the release of App also set up interactive communication and information disclosure and online service three channels.

in the interactive channel, the user can view the online interview time, content, guest speakers, questions and answers and other information users. The "public information" channel can view the situation, in addition to General Administration of leading members and other information, also set up a navigation page for the user to view the customs clearance, customs clearance, temporary entry and exit express service guide clearance and passenger entry and exit clearance and relevant regulations. In the "online service" channel, the user can state, customs clearance, customs clearance and enterprise parameters manifest information query.

In addition, App also provides a full content retrieval function and third party service sharing function, providing a subordinate customs map query services, voice navigation and GPS navigation and positioning services, and other functions.

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