Fraud company for 76 million C round of financing VC blind


women’s fashion website JustFab after its C round of financing negotiations, the successful financing of $76 million. This is called "tight customer number" electricity supplier company, founded in 2010 on the financing of more than $139 million, quite remarkable.

, however, the same eye-catching is: in the user’s feedback, JustFab has repeatedly been complained of fraud, the company has also been filed a class action lawsuit. Today, in the news aggregation site Hacker News, the editor again see the user to JustFab as "fraud", but also triggered a large number of thread.

investigate its reason, it is actually JustFab VIP member project system. This has been the industry known as "tight customer" mode, in the actual operation, but why become consumer complaints as "fraud", a target for all? VC whether they just saw a gorgeous JustFab


didn’t buy anything, and it was $39.95 a month,


Wenxun Hacker News users today in the website posted angrily: "eight months, brother’s girlfriend JustFad in what is not, it will be deducted monthly $39.95!" this is the netizen posting again: "with the JustFab negotiations before, but their customer service representatives unexpectedly refused to refund. So I firmly post again, expose the" fraud "

" behavior!

in the absence of the premise of shopping, JustFab will still be deducted monthly VIP membership dues this issue, but also the largest customer complaints. In the consumer complaints platform Scambook, the customer JustFab monthly fee collection is still nowhere to be seen. The latest complaint occurred shortly before the end of September. And a total of 113 complaints of the message, almost all of the JustFab members are no longer deducted every month, the amount of money required to refund a month, up to 10 months.

important terms intended to mislead users?


JustFab customer service representative said, if the user is not logged in site 1 to 5 days each month, and choose not to buy this month "(Skip the month) words, 6 days in the month will deduct $39.95 membership fee.

such a statement, when consumers pay for shopping in JustFab, will appear in the address and credit card information on the right side of the page.

"but in all the steps before the general shopping to fill in the credit card, the site has no hint that the user is joining its VIP membership. It’s a letter

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