nternet sharing software is the future direction of development

I firmly opposed to the rogue software hat on the shared software author, because the vast majority of China’s shareware mainstream is no problem. The real impact in the industry caused by the relatively large, so-called malicious software is still a lot of commercial companies, interest groups behind the operation.

if we continue letting rogue software prevails, from the moral evaluation to this thing, from the business, if it is all the survival foundation destroyed, we did not dare to download software from the Internet to download the software, do not know what is installed, finally feel insecure, this shared software market does not exist the.

I think Internet services plus software, the Internet will be more competitive model. Can not because some companies do rogue software, put the bath water and the children are throwing away, the software model to the abandoned.

purely from the moral appeal to share software authors do not bind this, do not do that. This lecture is very pale, so many big companies because the profit involved in malicious software, and you are required to draw a line of shareware authors, some reluctance.

how to make money sharing software? In China very realistic problems, we received the registration fee by way basically is not feasible, piracy is Microsoft today can not solve the problem, not to mention many of us share the quality of software and its functions are not really can get very good registration fee.

future development direction is to share software internet.

if your software is just a tool, this tool must have expired, we may not be willing to pay for this feature every month to pay you the money. If you can use this tool to your software, gradually become an Internet service, behind the service, by the users of your cognitive service connects users to establish a community, is your software users, and gradually your website and web services together, you will form their own comparison of loyal users. On this basis, I think this business model, there will be a lot of space.

QQ is the highest market value of China’s Internet companies. Ma Huateng is from the runxun runxun out, turned out to be made of telecommunications services, so the QQ is done in accordance with the operation of telecommunications services, Internet services. QQ today’s success is not how the function, it is the use of this service to make the Internet into China’s largest community. So for many shareware developers, today is not to consider how many people consider the software you use, made a number of copies, how close the registration fee, in fact to consider is how to put it into every day, often using the services, establish the users of your emotional identity, through this service, through the service. Let the user in your core, gather together into a community.


or Kabasiji, Jinshan or rising or they simply sell the software into service mode, anti-virus and so on, so the Internet, software services and software community, is.

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