Focus on two sessions e commerce should strengthen supervision to protect the interests of consumers

2010, the number of Internet users in China exceeded 500 million, e-commerce companies up to more than 25000. As a cross industry category of producer services and life services, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular in people’s production and life. Premier Wen Jiabao during the two sessions, the government work report pointed out: e-commerce will be included in the national strategic emerging industries, become an important part of it. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of infrastructure such as trade circulation system, and actively develop e-commerce.

but with the vigorous development of the Internet e-commerce, in trading through the Internet, such as e-commerce giant Alibaba out fraud scandal, as ordinary consumers we are often encountered in violation of the principle of good faith in the transaction, suspected of fraud means selling the infringing products, intentionally selling fake goods infringement behavior of businesses. Due to the frequent exposure of e-commerce fraud and other risks, e-commerce integrity and consumer rights issues become one of the two sessions this year, one of the hot topics.

NPC and CPPCC on behalf of the proposal, many members pointed out that in the judicial intervention, market access and other aspects of the interests of the lever to strengthen supervision of e-commerce, in order to change the relevant laws and regulations lag and the status of consumers in a weak position.

Zheng Yuewen, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, China Chamber of Commerce believes that the main body of infringing products online transactions are individuals, of course, many of which are companies, of course,

. Because in the electronic commerce transaction, the different place transaction is very widespread, this needs to strengthen the protection intellectual property rights propaganda education, at the same time the perfect rights and punishment mechanism.

, NPC and CPPCC on behalf of the general manager of China Mobile Guangdong Xu Long suggestions to develop a unified system of "electronic commerce law", to guide and standardize the e-commerce activities, to prevent and reduce the risk of online trading.

Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said that how to develop appropriate laws and regulations, to promote competition among enterprises, consumers must be the first priority.


e-commerce in the background of half the sky, the two sessions on behalf of the proposal reflects the aspirations of consumers. A large user base is the basis for the development of e-commerce, and the integrity of e-commerce transactions will affect the interests of consumers.

in addition to the relevant government departments as soon as possible the introduction of relevant laws and regulations, e-commerce service providers can also be carried out through a variety of ways to carry out e-commerce platform on the supervision of enterprises. As the pioneer of electronic commerce is undoubtedly Tongbao integrity on the one hand, through the use of on-site certification, video authentication methods to improve the integrity of the enterprise, help enterprise image display, deepen understanding and attention, the buyers to obtain orders faster, so as to realize the integrity of transactions in electronic commerce. Compared with the authentication of the mobile phone, the authentication of the mailbox, and so on, the video authentication is undoubtedly a more credible authentication method, which can effectively solve the problem of the credibility of e-commerce. Currently, video authentication website is not much, only Tencent, etc. occasion Tongbao several large e-commerce sites.

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