Learn Guangdong reciprocal wireless web site sales

how to sell wireless web site Guangdong reciprocity? Understand in the power and mainone people should be very clear, CNNIC agents, the difference can be in the product

The so-called "

wireless web site sales clerk, every day with telephone harassment of others: Hello, this is my Chinese Internet Network Information Center, now your company name on the Internet being registered, we received this message, contact your first time, said the general website / your company the wireless web site has been registered, ask you not to protect protection, if you consider or temporary protection, he will pay the legal responsibility to intimidate you, but if the protection, a protection for 10 years, for a small business to say that money is a lot.

in "Bai Yi Software Technology Co. Ltd. as an example, he will ask you to protect the" Bai Yi ", if you have registered these, they will be called" Bai Yi software "series of domain name was registered and submitted, protection, then it will be 100 Yi Bai Yi science and technology, software technology, etc. in conclusion, a series of reasons, they can find thousands of.

vowed to ask what the so-called "protection", in the end is to help customers "protection", or in the pockets of customers pay? I would like to buy a "universal web site" friends know how much of the significance of the Internet in the end.

and they will come "XXXX Investment Conference", for those participants who took out large sums of money (they are not even the old coffin was buried the money), to buy a large number of wireless web site, said now the wireless web site with few resources, quickly registered, after the appreciation, you will earn a large sum of money. There is a little logic thinking that people know that if the future can really appreciate, why he did not buy now, and so after the rich?

the Guangdong Wuhan branch of reciprocal sales of telephone records:

/ Hello, I am a company China Internet domain name registration center. Wuhan Huyou, * * * * to protect your company’s wireless web site?
you what, what?
/ Wuhan Huyou, * * * * your wireless web site to be registered, ask you to protect />?
/ check has been registered. Note: fuck, such a thing can do it yourself first. Don’t cheat registered to delete
. Oh, really, to take back the
/ do? If you are willing to pay a registration fee of ten years, we will help you get back. Note: what is all out.


yes, I also received such a call, said: "respected

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