Depth analysis of Taobao events price rule monopoly

October 10, 2011, Taobao mall large-scale adjustment of access rules, the new rules: the seller to submit an annual technical service fee from the original 6 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades; at the same time, submit the deposit from the original 10 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 150 thousand yuan. The new rules caused the dissatisfaction of small sellers Taobao mall. In October 11th, they organized in the online gathering, and the use of Taobao mall rules to the mall big sellers to bad reviews, refused to pay, and some offensive behavior.

as of October 12th, Taobao mall has more than and 30 big sellers were attacked. On the same day, Ma two bursts of micro-blog, said "there are moments in life, we need to have the courage to choose", sometimes "offending relatives", but we will ", intended to establish" persist in wilfully and arbitrarily "merchant trust system Chinese". At the same time, Ma said the company wanted to make money is normal, do not want to make money is not normal, Taobao has experienced nine years of normal, money is not our goal, but we really want to make a different enterprise in Chinese".

if the anti Taobao Union rules menacing, but Ma and Taobao mall position firmly, and take a series of measures to deal with online malicious attacks. October 13th Taobao mall set temporarily closed payment functions, etc., in October 14th Taobao mall provides 5 stars below the user is restricted to buy, Taobao mall event upgrade. 15 evening, the Ministry of Commerce involved in Taobao mall event, and expressed great concern, attention, requiring the parties to stabilize prices and support small and micro enterprises to deal with the high degree. 17, Ma returned to Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, China, and for the first time Taobao mall positive attitude. Ma Yun said the principle of "never give in". Under the pressure of the Ministry of Commerce intervention and public opinion, Taobao mall on the afternoon of 17 to make a compromise, the new rules will be postponed for one year, and the introduction of the policy of helping the 1 billion 800 million.

Taobao mall will increase the cost of related services to the original 5 – 15 times, the greatest impact of SMEs, these SMEs should be sympathetic. Taobao mall this practice, in fact, has violated the rules of the market economy. At the same time, this event reflects not only the price, as well as the monopoly worries.

Taobao mall started with small and medium enterprises, and the sharp increase in the price but directly hurt a large number of SMEs, which makes it difficult to accept. Alibaba can become China’s largest e-commerce group, which is a large number of small and medium enterprises. Taobao mall since the line, that rely on a large number of small sellers to expand B2C business. Taobao mall 2010 annual turnover of up to 30 billion, the size of the transaction in 2011 will be close to 100 billion yuan, there are more than 70 thousand brands and the presence of 50 thousand merchants Taobao mall. It is to rely on the sale of many small sellers, Taobao mall to achieve rapid development, becoming China’s largest online retailer B2C. Taobao mall this sharp price increase is a direct damage to a large number of

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