ShopEx distribution Wang perspective under the new blue ocean E commerce

from digital products to daily household appliances, from office supplies to Home Furnishing, from all kinds of cosmetics to clothing merchandise, tens of thousands of independent shop was suddenly spring night, when the early Chinese online shopping consumers still immersed in Taobao when a riot of colour Jingdong, fashion mall, A new force suddenly rises. uprising, red child vertical shopping site is formed a unique scene of online shopping market; people in doubt Ali Taobao this platform information, how can I find the information you want in the vast ocean of information? Whether to find the information I need


a series of question marks left us third party platform operators. The recent leading independent e-commerce solutions provider ShopEx officially launched the B2B product distribution king, has brought us a lot of thinking and look forward to.

actually new electronic retail enterprises in the development of a A new force suddenly rises., after a period of time after time tend to fall into stagnation, and these problems and the problems faced by the same traditional retailers. For example, how to attract new customers and electronic retailers to retain old customers, how to improve the conversion of user web browsing to the commodity purchase rate, due to the function of the platform and customer purchase disjointed browsing habits caused by failure of customer service and customer relationship.

from B2C Eslite advertising bombing is not difficult to find, long plagued the B2C market dilemma is distribution independent obstacles, e-commerce model as ShopEx has been advocated, at present a lot of users no longer rely on third party platform, but to a more direct, more independent way to participate in e-commerce activities because, the traditional large and comprehensive platform are not conducive to small scale targeted user groups to participate in, and a personalized independent e-commerce platform is gradually in-depth impact on the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and from the distribution channels to their analysis: in general, the longer the channel, expand the possibility of enterprise product markets more but, the enterprise product sales ability to control and information feedback, lower resolution. Channel design directly affects the income and development of enterprises. Thus we can conclude that the best way to manage the distribution channels is that the channels are all made up of their own branches.

but that is not the case, for most enterprises, the initial cost of setting up remote branches and the subsequent management cost is quite high, at least will do the same thing over the high cost of more than 20% local partners, there are many reasons, such as: the local market is not familiar with, while operating need extra charges (such as rent, travel expenses), he is the boss of spending money, so no business risk sharing etc.. These costs are generally far more than the interest rates needed to drive the local partners, which is the main reason for most enterprises to build sales channels, which can not be separated from partners such as the path node.

ShopEx B2B products, the distribution of the king is to cater to the pattern of vertical integration of the channel, the business and the customer’s daily communication with each other

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