When the object becomes a popular online marketing line of a revolution

imperceptibly, "VANCL style" is popular in the collar. As a network marketing beginners, just like when the original PPG is full of interest. Please t media CEO Guo Kaisen comments on Weibo, said the media are learning t. Later, TechWeb founder Zhu Zhijun collar, just know where the body comes from the former senior creative director of ogilvy.

today in Jiangsu, a business, I specifically talked about this topic. Although the object which is less than the original ban Wang Laoji sensation, but today has a strong reference value of learning. "VANCL style" is a traditional form of advertising, but can cause the effect of word of mouth on the Internet, and allows users to participate in interactive unconsciously, have to say this is a success, whether by accident or inevitable, are worthy of all public relations people to study learning.

in my personal thinking of these two days, when the object becomes a popular trend, it will inevitably lead to a revolution in the spread of word of mouth, creativity and copywriting will become a core competitiveness. In the past few years, in my personal observation, the industry is not very much emphasis on creativity and copywriting, more attention is the media. But I have always disagreed with this view, the media is important, but creativity and copywriting is also indispensable.

remember to read Ye Maozhong’s book, he is very stressed that the creative. As a service organization of the third party, if not to provide customers with good ideas, only to be able to provide customers with a transmission pipeline, it has a very strong instead, customer can always kick you out. But if there is a different creative thinking, the customer can not easily give up you, unless he has no mind to do a thing.

if a third party organization, there is no monopoly of the media resources, then he as a pipeline, with the passage of time will be less and less space. At least in the field of network marketing, creative execution and media communication should be equally important. It is also a lot of traditional enterprises, too dependent on the media resources, so in the network marketing industry, will ignore the existence of creativity, which is what I have been sad thing.

I am very understanding of some of the company’s strategy, after all, creativity is a very hard event, the implementation of creativity is a more terrible thing, and the benefits may not be very high. But this is only the phenomenon of the immature industry, an industry once mature, this situation will be broken. Remember in the last year, Erma interactive creative director of the wave brother said to me, now play creativity is very risky, some customers will not respect the creative, which makes him feel very upset. But he is very clear, insist on creativity will always be the core competitiveness.

from the current situation, I think it is right to insist on creativity. If you do not have a good idea, just rely on the spread of words, where the object can be so popular it can become a popular network?. >

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