Small and medium sellers double 11 to do the exhibition of the survival of the drill summary

double 11 means that there are many buyers desire to buy high, the conversion rate is usually several times, so many sellers will not give up this rare opportunity to seize traffic must be urgent. But because the traffic is drilling show many sellers favor, rarely do the drill exhibition promotion are eager to share a cup of soup. But after the double 11 of the test, the author reached a conclusion, if the seller does not have a strong ability to control the small, do the drill is actually very big risk.

prepared for the first half of the 11 double, the author has already started to prepare. October 25th has begun to conceive a variety of creative copy, in October 28th began to do art materials. Taking into account the material audit requires 3 working days, so the work can move forward as soon as possible, the first material is completed in November 1st. More than and 300 material to do the quality is not very good, holding the edge of the idea of optimization, a long time to upload all the material finished.

for double 11 reasons, a lot of material may be the usual is no problem, but this time because of all sorts of reasons was rejected again and again, because most of the time call 5 times a day for the second consultation was rejected. Each time it takes half an hour to get through the phone, the response is different. The same material, through in a certain position, so the author draws a conclusion: each location is the corresponding second audit, but not the same as the standard.

with tremendous effort, the 80% materials are approved, the real start test has arrived in November 8th. Because many buyers are waiting at this time, so the test results are not optimistic. Click on the unit price than usual high bonus 2 times, while the second this time last year the market analysis data, and gives some suggestions on the operation. Proposed bid 3-5 times higher than usual to get traffic, once the line, the price can not be lowered, otherwise it will lose traffic. Can only be increased from the investment in this position.

at that time the author is responsible for cosmetics and clothing store 3 drilling exhibition, made three changes, a total of nearly 500 plans. The time of the launch is 0 to 2 points, mainly in the direction of their own shop visitors. 7 to 24 points for the time period of the plan, the plan is the preparation of the program is estimated that the evening of 19 to 23 is the highest point of the day, according to the overall plan is to make a total of about 1/3 of the total of third.

after 0 points, the data show the drill full collapse. Tmall cosmetics store traffic suddenly get tens of thousands of show, but only one click, the average click on the unit price is 120 yuan, another store shop spent more than $700, only less than 10 clicks. The clothing store or not to go there, the average click on the price of more than 5 yuan. The only thing that can be done at this time is to suspend all plans in a timely manner. After reflection, this time buyers are rushing to pay a single payment, there is no time and energy to browse the store, so seize the flow of this time is the strategy itself

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