Yes founder Li Mingyuan leave Baidu e commerce strategic setback

news March 11th, the electronic commerce website "Baidu has ah" founder and general manager Li Mingyuan yesterday bleak departure, ah development are far less than expected, Baidu launched e-commerce strategy in two and a half years suffered a major setback. Industry forecasts, Baidu future focus will shift its e-business strategy and Japan Lotte B2C joint venture company, a worrying prospect.

leaving story: accident and accident

1:31 yesterday morning, Li Mingyuan left the exact information was disclosed in a professional media. Early in the morning, Baidu PR department confirmed to the media, Li Mingyuan’s resignation was the day before yesterday (March 9th) was the head of Baidu Robin Li’s approval, who succeeded Mr Li Mingyuan is Baidu alliance director Cai Hu. Like most of the official rhetoric, reason for leaving Li Mingyuan is "personal reasons".

Li Mingyuan leave the news so that people concerned about Baidu slightly surprised. Because just a week ago, Li Mingyuan is expected to leave Baidu, whether the Baidu Inc or himself, are denied. Li Mingyuan himself was also denounced rumors of "irresponsible", and says Baidu and he himself to the electronic commerce prospects are very optimistic, and talk about a new strategy next ah, words did not reveal the slightest signs of imminent departure.

however, just a week after Baidu decided to leave Li Mingyuan.

this week, what happened to the details of the story, the outside world is still unknown, but informed sources revealed to NetEase technology on the part of the story of Li Mingyuan’s departure.

before the Spring Festival, NetEase science and technology editor in the industry to hear rumors that Li Mingyuan will leave. According to a person close to Baidu ah division Li Mingyuan said, before the Spring Festival had asked a few friends to reveal their idea of leaving, this rumor was later brought to the Li Mingyuan boss’s ear, after retaining, Li Mingyuan stayed, but always have the idea of leaving.

last week, the media reported that Li Mingyuan will leave a message, and he denied leave in a week later, it is puzzling, as is his own thought and finally decided to leave or by other factors, there is no relevant information.

March 9th, Baidu, a number of employees who received the resignation of Li Mingyuan mail, the news after the layers of communication, appeared in the media on the morning of the second day. The next thing, we all already know.

a lot of people in the industry feel somewhat by accident (by Li Mingyuan himself, immediately denied the effect) was not unexpected, because the current situation of the development of Baidu have far less than expected.

Baidu there are many reasons for the development of the various reasons, first from the background of Li Mingyuan.

Li Mingyuan

27 year old Li Mingyuan, two and a half years ago to form a team to become the first ah, Baidu Division — Electronic Commerce Department (>

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