You do not know the United States Mission Network the number of real evaluation after consumption ov

‘s largest group buying site U.S. mission network released data show that as of now, it has accumulated more than 150 million business evaluation information. Compared to other reviews of the site, the United States Mission network evaluation is the evaluation of consumer spending, and after a rigorous audit, business managers and poor evaluation will be true show.

it is reported that the United States Mission network from the beginning of June 2010 on-line evaluation function, is the first public display of consumer spending after the evaluation of the information website. Since then, the U.S. mission network evaluation system constantly upgrade: increase Slide Show evaluation function, evaluation and incentive measures taken, on-line display the advantages and disadvantages of business "tag cloud" function. At present, the U.S. mission network every day about 500 thousand of the new evaluation, covering food, hotels, movies, KTV and other categories.

U.S. mission network relevant person in charge, in order to ensure the authenticity of the evaluation, the user can only be evaluated after the purchase. At the same time, the United States will also be strict evaluation of the audit, to ensure that no advertising, irrigation and other content.

industry analysts believe that the U.S. mission network does not exist to delete bad comments or brush praise, and is the real evaluation after consumption, thus has higher reference value, which is one of its advantages compared to other comment website. In addition, the evaluation of meituan covering multiple categories, not only in the restaurant, can provide consumers with more local life service information idle away in seeking pleasure.

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