Taobao mall invested heavily for many big hit the world

recently, there is news that Taobao will spend 50 million in CCTV and other media to buy advertising time for Taobao mall brand customers propaganda. It is understood that these may benefit from the brand manufacturers will be Taobao spike activity participants, and promotional content is also more of these brands involved in Taobao spike commodity and spike time. In addition, to participate in the activities of Taobao brand manufacturers will also pay a certain kind or cash, and these physical or cash benefits will also be returned to Taobao users through the form of activities.

it is understood that there are now more than 40 brands, including Procter & Gamble, Lenovo, Samsung, DELL, Haier, Lining, Mengniu, Taobao reached an agreement to share the CCTV advertising time. Analysts believe that Taobao’s investment to help the mall brand customers publicity hand is for "seckill" activities, on the other hand is to strengthen the brand expand network marketing channels of confidence, and through the actual effect to drive more big brands to join Taobao mall this big platform.

Analysis of

industry, and Procter & Gamble and other brands of cooperation can be regarded as a model of the ads in the ad, this pattern is very conducive to the interests of different enterprises related to joint publicity, in this economy, this model is bound to get the favor of the enterprise, and may become an independent the output mode of advertising.

noun explanation: spike is Taobao’s recent launch of an event, all Taobao users can participate. Under normal circumstances, to participate in the spike of goods are extremely low price auction, and the limited number of users with the shortest time to auction the success of Taobao users can spike price to get the goods. The most famous Taobao spike case is a graduate student in Henan with a yuan successful spike of an economy car.

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