Fujian has not registered micro business alert circle of friends trading risks

micro business as the best way of entrepreneurship is now more and more people prefer. Micro business "blowout" development, on the one hand to bring consumers a variety of convenience, on the other hand also brought many hidden dangers. In April 9th, the Fujian Provincial Council and the Fujian provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau network market supervision center jointly issued a consumer alert to remind consumers wary of WeChat trading circle of friends to bring convenience and risks.

hidden danger (I):

threshold is low, the investment is small, everyone can become a micro business

now open WeChat circle of friends, the overwhelming majority of friends are released advertising, skin care products, clothing, food, daily necessities, etc.. Relative to the traditional electricity supplier to the commodity as the core, micro business is to human core. It is the key for people to gain trust through relationships and sell goods through trust. Social shopping micro business era, the pursuit of the depth of the relationship, do not have to have too many customers, as long as the maintenance of their own unique fans groups, improve the purchase frequency, it is possible to form a continuous purchase.

hidden danger (two):

strong competition, profit margins, micro business frankly pressure Alexander

micro business competition more and more intense, stockpile pressure, flow of funds, often to shipped quickly cheap sell at a loss, and the micro business team are mostly part-time, customer service service often can not keep up.

in Fuzhou City, a business unit of work last year, Chen, and friends offer fresh fruit to send "micro shop", a few months down, although he did earn some extra money, but also complain that the "pressure alexander".

hidden danger (three):

rights difficult, difficult regulation, trade disputes common


friends trading behavior belongs to private transactions, and WeChat users do not have to register the identity cards and other real information, once the product quality, customer service service disputes, food safety and other issues, evidence is difficult, the competent administrative department or the Council is difficult to accept.

at the beginning of this year, the number of public micro business in Quanzhou Wang added a mobile phone sales, in the micro business circle of friends WeChat bargain activities, 2 days later, Mr. Wang will help a friend through the WeChat mobile phone "down" to the right price, and to the micro business paid nearly 4 thousand yuan. However, after receiving the payment of the micro payment of Mr. Wang, but did not give the delay. Mr. Wang immediately to the provincial council complaints, after a long time to negotiate their prepayment back.

Fujian has yet to register the micro Business Council to remind: private transactions suffered legal protection

at present, Fujian province has registered online trading business a total of nearly 5 million, and basically for the traditional electricity providers online, there is no special personal micro business registration application for business license, more are private transactions between acquaintances, it is difficult to legal supervision and protection. Micro business as a new business carrier, has not yet been fully included in the scope of regulation. In the face of the rapid development of the Internet

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