do not know why do not look good micro business

as the basis for the future development of Tencent, WeChat’s presence in a sense represents the development trend of mobile Internet products. Although at first just a social software, but with a wealth of resources on the category, WeChat also played up other ideas, and electricity supplier is obviously the most wanted to get the product area. From pat, QQ mall to later easion, Tencent to test the water in the electricity industry has not stopped, but suffer from their entering too late and the lack of relevant experience, so Tencent business always in the blank. The development of micro business, is not only an opportunity for WeChat, for us ordinary people is also a rich opportunity, because everyone is dreaming of a micro business can become Taobao mobile end some day in the future, and those of us who early to eat crabs can earn some benefits. So we see many ordinary people began to start a micro business, in the circle of friends delivery, have shops in the official certification platform, have settled in the Jingdong, I exhausted all means to grab WeChat left us space reverie. But will it all come true?

micro business is indeed a promising field, WeChat is also very strong, when the two together when how to see how to play. But since the micro business line to now, you think the micro business really ushered in the great development? Is the platform scale shows or sales rose steadily, in fact this is not a concept, micro business now just we say, even if it is to operate, the effect is good for you think also know, but this time we have to wonder, since both are the product of the times to a proper extent, why derivative in my opinion there is no short-term prospects, even is not optimistic about the micro business? I think there are three reasons.

first, the development of micro business based on the soil is not mature. At first, the establishment of the Alibaba, but also the development of Chinese electricity supplier in the field is very slow, who would have thought that I have the money to the consumer on the Internet at that time, invisible things do not feel comfortable, but the difficult problems that Taobao produces is China’s most rapid economic development of the time, you for the curious beyond everything, and the Taobao good use of competitive advantage gap quickly made famous at that time, so we think of online shopping will immediately contact Taobao, this marketing mode is angry can be said that the development of Taobao seesaw, but micro business is different, although the site moved to mobile ports, seemingly emerging markets on the tall, in fact, there are a lot of shortcomings, the first is everyone’s consumption habit has not completely formed. After all, in the eyes of many people, WeChat is a chat tool, share information and feelings even, true in the circle of friends to do business or is out of the circle of friends in two level function sellers will also lead to a lot of people oppose, after all, for mobile providers not that kind of hands in welcome realm. Even friends will delivery be disgusted, not to mention the shop to buy things directly? Derivative vision is good, the use of mobile port advantages over resources, promote consumption, but you have not.

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