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What is the

network marketing? What is electronic commerce? These concepts of things, whether we want to memorize articles? I don’t think it’s necessary. Here, I sort out my understanding of: network marketing is to rely on the network media to bring the benefits of ideas and methods, SEM marketing has become the main way of network marketing. Electronic commerce is a kind of transaction behavior that sellers borrow some big media platform or create their own shopping platform. Plainly, is with the help of network moneymaking activities.

in the current China, the fierce development of the network into a climate. The network business process, from the original relatively closed began to open, search marketing (SEM) and electronic commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C) has shown more and more integration of meteorological, electronic business platform also appeared a large search, just some imperial shield only to the external search index included, some are completely let go. Social media, such as micro-blog, are also involved in the search and marketing. Traditional search, electricity providers and some of the current hot social media began to achieve convergence. Google +, Sina micro-blog is a typical representative. Sina micro-blog also recently launched a low-key independent search page In this sense, Baidu has a large community of reference, but slightly less obvious in terms of micro social. Search search results entries appeared in the share label, instant preview share.

Sina recently launched an independent search page

search search results entries appeared in the share label, instant share preview.

is the electricity supplier shopping platform on the basis of the search, to achieve a large-scale open, and filled with promotions, rebates, price of goods and the temptation to set Web search as a whole, has gradually opened up signs of the whole network search, the Amoy network as the representative. Search marketing into interactive era, interactive marketing into the search era. E-commerce into the era of interactive search.

a search network search price banner, and try to achieve sharing, interactive

thus we can see that the current network marketing, whether you do or do medical goods, whether you are a large corporation or a small seller, you are doing the search, is the electricity supplier, is social, in the face of such integration, our primary marketing is to have a strategy. Do fine, two, quality and quantity, gradually become bigger and stronger.

from the previous relatively closed independent platform for the whole network, e-commerce and network marketing is becoming increasingly blurred. Based on this we bold set theory, SEM marketing is to do things carelessly network marketing, SEM can be defined as the whole network marketing search based on the characteristics of. Network marketing is the electricity supplier, the electronic commerce network marketing is more than on finishing rush. Original article reproduced please specify. Mahogany boat personal station: create glory, share fun. If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact Redwood

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