WeChat and Taobao shield event refraction variation of the nternet Ecosystem

for a long time, users are accustomed to open Ali not to fight WeChat in the link, but before the "WeChat recently recognized Alibaba to shield the browsing request from WeChat cacology, triggered anecdotal discussion. The industry is more popular point of view: in order to prevent the flow of the river was controlled by the third party channels, WeChat has blocked the link.

recently, Ali, a technician from micro-blog retells the arcana of the general situation: because WeChat cannot prevent good fishing on a fake website, Ali had a "cuckoo plan", and adjust the WeChat link strategy, from a single link to transfer from a client the way WeChat blocked the download page to the client, but was eventually WeChat shielding.

many of these details really worth pondering.

Why WeChat

shielding Ali client event is very clear, that is, when Ali believes that the presence of WeChat phishing sites risk, the use of the protocol will be linked to the client into the link. After the two companies is fine in WeChat ecological.

if it is a single link WeChat Ali access, it is obvious that Tencent profit Ali damaged. On the one hand, Ali brought to bear the loss of business flow; on the other hand, responsible for safety supervision of WeChat users by hacking the loss, after all the user information is registered in the Ali platform. The WeChat side can be completely happy to realize their dream of electricity providers, in particular, can be used to develop their own micro sellers Taobao market.

if the situation continues, I believe Tencent will not shield ali. After Ali will link to arouse to the client, to avoid the natural hacking problem of phishing sites, can also accelerate the pace of their movement. Once the use of WeChat Ali advance to complete the layout of the mobile, it broke the monopoly of WeChat in terms of mobile users, the average seller’s expectations for WeChat will be greatly reduced. If you continue to access Ali, users and businesses will accelerate the adaptation of Taobao mobile layout, which is clearly not WeChat want to see.

so we can speculate: shielding incident, the two companies have different considerations, Ali worry about the impact of a security risk for the brand, and the Tencent to create ecological, shielding is unable to maximize the interests of both sides of the helpless choice.

after this strategy adjustment, due to the limitations of WeChat itself, WeChat electricity supplier category basic dream broken, micro business can only use the social circle of friends, FMCG and traditional proxy mode, the micro business into a proprietary mask sales platform, the other category of fresh performance in the circle of friends.

thought that nearly two years of shielding incident has been basically subsided, Ali and then put the matter again in front of the public. There may be two reasons for this:

first, Ali has completed the work of basic mobile, with the overall layout of shopping in the mobile terminal and car navigation products, the fourth quarter of last year, the mobile terminal revenue grew by 213%, the mobile terminal number of monthly active users, an increase of 95%.

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