Wangzhuan we lost a lot perhaps a lot of people do not come to the

              because of contact, so I want to make some achievements!

              when I see the contact Wangzhuan, so webmaster always make the number of days; so do advertising alliance earning N knife; I believe many people like me? This temptation is effective for many people, so now the garbage station. Certainly the reason for this. This is one reason why many people fail (I think).

          in fact, we need to think about it, I just have this feeling: every time to sit in front of the computer, I have lost myself, do not stop to see the page; see the group in what is long; their website have included many; how many knives and so on; GG today; this thing, how to do. Imperceptibly 34 in the evening. Lie down and can’t sleep, but what have I done? What did not look back, actually. Maybe a lot of people have been, but it will never be the majority.

            perhaps we are too naive, just a few websites selling soft, put many people off the sea (of course start so we don’t know). The first step toward failure. We almost did not want to start, not in to know whether they have the ability in this case, many people put their all into it. In any industry, there will be losers, the network is no exception. In the face of their own failure today, we really need to think about. (successful people will enjoy it)

          maybe we are too impulsive, perhaps we should not really! Maybe we should add up!     network does not have to make money, make money lost a lot of network itself motivation and creativity, we lost the most precious thing: time and health, perhaps we really shouldn’t be provided in this paper by the forum!

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