Using Google AdSense ads to maximize revenue

look at the global Internet, with advertising direct sales team, and in one year will be able to effectively sell its advertising resources website is less and less. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, China top commercial website free advertising rate close to 30%. In many cases, when the website advertising gap, publishers website inside placed ads, or show direct advertisers advertising to distribution forms, such as the purchase of Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday from advertising, advertising. How to make more efficient use of this part of the idle resources is the site needs to face and solve the problem.

Google ad management system can not only help improve the website advertising sales to put in the work process, to support a variety of payment mode CPT (Bao Tian) / CPC (pay per click) / CPM (in thousand paid), it can also realize the seamless combination of advertising Google AdSense. That is to say, the publisher permission system can be neutral in the advertising, automatic supplement of Google AdSense advertising, to maximize the benefits of idle flow. Below I introduce several commonly used complementary method. In the next chapter, I will give you a detailed description of how to achieve.

– direct redundancy: when a specific ad does not have any advertising orders, the system displays Google AdSense advertising. This option applies when there is no need for internal advertising, you can make full use of the remaining traffic.

– frequency complementary: when the specific advertising needs to display a number of internal advertising, use before the introduction of frequency limit function set for each unit of time to see the internal user Vipassana advertising (such as a user to watch two times a day), the remaining traffic display Google AdSense advertising. This option to ensure the effectiveness of internal advertising on the basis of the maximum use of idle resources.

location complement: when advertising needs to display a specific internal advertising, put the function set this advertisement only to put to a region using the user location (such as Beijing and Shanghai), the remaining traffic display Google AdSense advertising.

– the time and date complement: when the specific advertising needs to show some internal advertising, the use of the time and date on the function of setting the advertising only in a certain period of time delivery to the user (such as Monday to Friday morning, 8 -10), the remaining traffic display Google AdSense advertising.

– flow cut supplement: when a specific ad need to display a certain internal advertising, limit the amount of advertising display, the remaining traffic display Google AdSense advertising. Such as a location of a day traffic is roughly 1 million, we can set the system to display the internal advertising flow of 300 thousand, then the remaining 700 thousand will show Google AdSense AD)


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