Poison combat soft report earn ten thousand yuan is not a dream

write something real today. The following text and data are poison Pro test. Any similarity that is plagiarism admin5.com.

analysis alliance today: soft news network www.8le8le.com which software alliance, because they do not have pro site alliance test, not much evaluation.

simple words to introduce the union

software alliance is the Alliance (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.’s professional software promotion media, is the most professional software author service platform. Since its establishment, relying on the technical strength to the soft net Tang Meng strong, author of more than 400 articles Chinese software were more than 5000 different software industry, has become a leader in the field of software fully deserve China, welcome you to become a member of our alliance.

hardware conditions: poison has a few spam stations. A total of IP2W points.

promotion, bundled software. There are 2 methods of

1, add the software when the software directly to the promotion package together with the compression or not to consider the user experience, then directly provide plug-ins to promote

2, to do their own bundled in their own software download, download the installer is installed to install their package

I am in the soft to get the installation package: CNNIC, dodolook, SKYPE

two of which do not have the installation interface, Skype has the installation interface.

CNNIC each install 0.06 yuan dodolook each installed Skype price of 0.4 yuan a

0.035The following is the

in October, the actual report of soft data:

a total of more than 8 thousand and 300, I was in October 12th to replace the soft advertising.

to write this article is not to introduce the skills to do the union, but to introduce some of the amount of deduction is not particularly serious, at least when the owners look at the alliance. To tell you the real Yiqifa alliance.

I summed up the characteristics of soft news:

1, the site’s most qualified

China Internet Association member unit

Beijing Network Industry Association member unit

China Software Industry Association member unit

2, the most widely effective marketing

we are in the laggards, 51la, chinaZ, Admin5 on the media for a long time, in the industry has a strong market influence.

3, to the highest profit return

by the strength of the injection of Vc firm to sales as the goal, not the pursuit of interests, the high proportion of Web site alliance.


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