The pig on the road Zhu Mingyue West Road



pig on the road: Zhu Mingyue West Road

"Dovelet, I am from × × the × ×, received calls that he root you angry. Now he is very regretful, always blame, he already know is wrong, the days without you, he is very tough, forgive him!"

this is an apology message. In order to obtain the girlfriend Dovelet forgive, love is the root in the September 20th "apology message" column published a task: to his girlfriend sent an apology message, 1 yuan 1, seeking forgiveness. The reporter saw, as of 25 screenshots show that there have been 143 from around the country to which the mobile phone SMS forwarding.

143 SMS forwarding, they have a common name: witkey. The pig is currently the world’s largest Witkey website, its birthplace in Chongqing.

At present,

active in the pig Witkey network has more than 7 million 500 thousand people, and 6000 people registered every day with increasing scale." Yesterday, the pig network founder Zhu Mingyue pointed to the company’s huge LCD screen told reporters. The screen is a map, every few seconds from around the world to start the task list, a variety of content, there is a baby named, there is a resume design, there is a collection of brand promotion ideas.

however, the cumulative turnover has reached 1 billion 160 million yuan of, but Zhu Mingyue resigned the enviable "Chongqing evening news chief correspondent work 6 years ago, spent 500 yuan to build out.

500 yuan starting

the beginning of all entrepreneurial stories are the same, passion mixed with bitterness. Zhu Mingyue is no exception.

had long known to be in charge of financial management, marketing management, management of the people, but also the world’s most intelligent investors to deal with, I might as well do not come out, when a reporter forget." Recalled the impulse to engage in the site, Zhu Mingyue a little regret.

2004, the blog Chinese founder Fang Xingdong "blog to subvert the traditional media" speech, Zhu Mingyue hooked up to his blog, nicknamed "the pig" registered the domain name, the main record of every bit of news events.

A year after the

, Zhu Mingyue travel go 1000 interviews in the Chongqing Huaihua railway, the evening also does not forget to write a blog. One day he whim: can this idea virtual things get online to sell? However, not computer science Zhu Mingyue was born, is utterly ignorant of the site design. "Try holding the mood, I made a post on the Internet, offering a reward of 500 yuan to find someone to do a website." He said that soon a programmer took the recruit, seven days after the zhubaji>

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