Xu Xiaoping Zhenge fund venture partner is more important than the business model


technology news August 12th afternoon news, 2014 TechCrunch International Innovation Summit held in Beijing Railway Station Beijing today, real fund partner Xu Xiaoping keynote speech, elaborated the partner mechanism for start-up companies significance.

Xu Xiaoping said: the importance of partners than the business model and industry choices, more important than whether you are on the air outlet."

he believes that for a start-up team, whether or not to have a partner is an important indicator of investment. If only one founder, often will be one vote veto". In addition, the founder of the equity allocation to be more generous, not only consider their own interests.

Xu Xiaoping, for example, said: we have voted an electricity supplier. It is the founder of the Internet, another co-founder of supply chain. According to my understanding, equity allocation should be 55 open, 64 open, at least have to open the 82. As a result, the project failed, and I looked at it, and the co founders took only 1% of the shares."

Xu Xiaoping believes that a start-up company, if there is no co-founder must not succeed; there should be a number of partners, or even two digit partner.

as for why many venture teams looking for investment, there is no partner, or even unwilling to accept the partner, Xu Xiaoping think there are four main reasons.

is not a partner of consciousness, and mentors must let entrepreneurs realize this point; the two is no mind, don’t think that partner is necessary, do not know to share; three is no resources, can not find a suitable partner; four is no charm, excellent talents are unwilling to occupation.

Xu Xiaoping concluded that entrepreneurs must have flicker, the initial stage to go hand in hand. This is because companies will face risks at any time, need to solve the problem, with partners can deal with risks. (Yan Fei)

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