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‘s mobile phone advertising alliance is committed to wireless advertising market, the pursuit of win-win cooperation, development platform for website owners and advertisers to build convenient and efficient advertising profit, help customers continued to pursue profits, at the same time casting Tata extraordinary service quality.

channel stability, experience foot:

company as a senior value-added services company, to maintain good relations of cooperation with a number of SP mobile phone industry and advertisers, and carry out the WAP chargeback software channel, advertising, mobile phone built-in a variety of cooperation; its SP advertisers and advertising agent for the direct and main line station cooperation, ensure more stationmaster income.

technology, the new platform:

Tata mobile advertising alliance has a mature, professional WAP technology development team, members are engaged in WAP technology and SP and other sites operating more than 2 years. After many years of independent development and operation, the current mobile phone advertising alliance Tata has a set of domestic advanced WAP advertising alliance platform, through this platform WAP station and advertisers can convenient and efficient implementation of the wireless advertisement marketing strategy.

good reputation, excellent service:

Tata mobile advertising alliance in accordance with the WAP station owners, advertisers signed an agreement, a clear cost calculation. The collection of the advertiser’s fee shall be charged in accordance with the system data or revised data. WAP station to pay the main cost, on time to complete the bank transfer or remittance.

in the past few years, with the unremitting efforts of Tata and WAP industry friends team support, closely follow the market demand for technical research and development team and reengineering, and gradually formed a "honesty, fairness, Tata, positive and pragmatic" service brand, has won a good reputation and reputation in the WAP industry, market share sales steadily.

invites you to join www.tatawap.com

to provide you with a variety of advertising links, a variety of modes of cooperation, with the majority of the owners win-win results. As long as you have a WAP site, in your WAP site home page Tata mobile advertising alliance advertising links, then your WAP traffic will be turned into cash, easy to have wealth. Advertising revenue of 50 yuan, you can apply for settlement at any time, within two hours to the account, clearing fast.

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