Taobao tutorials 50P million a month secret

Taobao mall recently more and more fire, a lot of people think that C shop more and more difficult to develop, but I still feel that there is no product can not sell, as long as people can not sell products". Today I would like to share with my friends to help optimize the case of a shop, the shop every day, the average UV in the range of 50-80, but its revenue broken million, there is a picture of the truth. Here I first above, the following picture to screenshots of the words are too long, so the only interception part, due to privacy, so I put some information blurred, but no other PS, PS siwuquanshi


pictured on 2010, the latest revenue screenshot

in December

this figure is a part of the interception of sales, from the date that basically every day income. Here I give a few new quantum statistical picture.

above is the basic situation of quantum statistics store in December

pictured above quantum statistics December traffic source

pictured above quantum statistics December traffic profile

from the above pictures, I believe we should see the truth. The average daily turnover of about 2W8, 50IP, excluding shipping costs, product costs, promotion costs, customer service costs, profit of about 1W5. So, how do I do it, please continue to watch.

a, positioning

high-end foreign products + excellent packaging

first of all, the rapid elimination of the network is only two kinds of products, one is health care products, and the other is skin care cosmetics, these products have at least more than two of the profits of more than 300%. Then, because my friend is OEM acne products, so the profit is higher, and I helped him in the introduction of foreign product positioning in the high-end products, produced a set of product cost about 40 yuan, here to tell you that the cost is very high, because the raw material is really cattle A, plus the packaging is also very awesome, so the cost of 40 yuan out of the products have been well. As a result of positioning in the high-end market, so the price is also sold in more than 350 yuan a set, we can see its profits.

two, brand building

super Copy + brand hype

good product must have a good copy of the support, I believe after reading a friend to know the domestic products Maoni, most of the so-called foreign imports of products is the domestic OEM products out, just from the packaging and packaging on the following. So product copy is very important.

copy a few points, the product itself, the copy of the copy of the brand, Taobao page copy, promote the role of fried soft text, etc.. I am on the brand hype in the subsequent article and then details, but I can disclose that, as far as possible to increase the number of search engines brand name search, and most of the good reputation of the information.

three, Taobao page optimization


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