The nternet Map reflecting the virtual side of the universe


before we shared the "real Internet" – a cable, a network of transit stations composed of a large real network. Now share the virtual side of the Internet, a vast and boundless virtual universe.

Ruslan, a Russian programmer, Enikeev, in order to explore the universe, painted a huge and beautiful "galaxy map", including the network’s 350000 largest web site. The name of this project is The Internet Map.


, it was described by the three-dimensional network of this thing. Enikeev does not intend to follow the predecessors, but each site will be the size of the planet, on a plane. The size of the web site, it is determined by its traffic.

in this picture, the different colors of the "Star" represents a different country site, yellow represents the lower left corner of the Chinese site, blue represents the Middle American website, the dark blue represents Germany’s website, the red represents Russia’s website and so on.

if you dig the picture carefully, you can find some interesting contrasts.

for example, the domestic SNS site, micro-blog’s development is indeed very rapid, traffic has exceeded everyone, happy, watercress:


‘s four major portals, Tencent network traffic is actually the largest:


diagram also reflects an interesting fact that hao123 traffic is still very large, there are still many users are using it.

The reason why

is able to find these interesting contrasts from the graph is that Enikeev makes the network structured. This is also his original intention to draw the map:

the global Internet is a phenomenon of technological civilization, and it is more complex than any human beings created in the past. Essentially, what we’re dealing with is a huge amount of unstructured information. The Internet Map is trying to figure out the structure behind the network, measure its huge size, and try to explain what it doesn’t know about the statistics.

The Internet Map Enikeev how to draw? Get a suitable mathematical model from Daniel Tunkelang paper, by technical means to realize the idea from NVIDIA’s Lars Nyland, Mark Harris and Jan Prins three co authored the paper, at the same time get the deadline to 2011 from the Alexa website flow >

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