Do Wangzhuan teach you the website flow investment strategy

as a new mode of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan exploration, the network launched the channel alliance. In order to help some small flow Wangzhuan site to get more attention and to quickly set up their own Wangzhuan team. Out of trust and understanding of the site, some friends to join the alliance. According to these days of data feedback, consulting and other friends of the alliance, the station today to take this opportunity to talk about the topic of Wangzhuan investment flow.

traffic for any website, its importance is self-evident. It is even more so for Wangzhuan site, especially PTC, surfing Wangzhuan site type. If there is no traffic, it is difficult to set up their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan team, no team will want to create profits, is undoubtedly difficult. So, a lot of Wangzhuan station are trying to get more people’s attention, so as to improve the site traffic, in order to quickly set up their own Wangzhuan team.

a lot of people through the continuous advertising to get traffic, this is a way, but not the best way. Because the effect of this method is not very good, because the nature of pure advertising conversion rate is generally not high. This method is also very tiring.

then how do? Is there any better way? Of course, the best way is to think the site continues to improve, improve the user experience, so as to get more traffic through search engines. But this is also more difficult. After all, only the best site can usually get the favor of search engines. Do Wangzhuan site so much, a new sites to search engine love in a short period of time, it is very difficult.

is to spend money to advertise, and this is the fastest way to enhance the visibility and attention of the site. A lot of friends said I did not earn money, earn money to advertise. There are concerns about the effectiveness of advertising is not good, advertising fees will be white. These fears are necessary. See here, some people will ask to spend money on advertising revenue is not to make friends, is not necessary? No, talk about the following Wangzhuan network view.

spend money to advertise, is a traffic investment strategy. As long as proper use, you can get a lot of benefits. On the site, many webmaster in the flow path of investment. They earn high returns by investing in valuable advertising. The narrow field of some people, the higher good return flow through investment access. For example, if you spend $100 on an ad that has the value of advertising, it will take you 50 valuable visits every day. Which 10-20 traffic into your membership. Through your training, return to the Commission, and so on, so that some of them become your loyal members. From now on, I can follow you to participate in various projects. Your return on investment is very high. A month down, remove advertising costs, you will certainly have a very satisfactory income. The advertising investment is well worth it.

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