The nternet business of others is not a good way to go


entrepreneurship has always been a minority, whether it is self-employed or to participate in entrepreneurship, just because the Internet is faster information transmission, so that we receive more information about entrepreneurship.

most hated to see the business, there is no thought, just because they see the market hot head said "I would like to start". I do not exclude plagiarism and competition, which is the inevitable result of the market, but the real terrible is not thinking to follow, it is likely to create a pile of garbage and waste.

one step to follow, follow step by step, why people will do worse than you? Without thinking is no trick, step by step. Such a phenomenon in the traditional industries, but because of geographical and market segmentation, many times and will not have much impact, and the goal of the Internet entrepreneurs are facing all of the Internet users, is a natural competitor. Not thinking of entrepreneurship is equal to death, to share two stories about entrepreneurship.

has a friend in 2005 love bean, this time Yang Bo has also just started their entrepreneurial journey, friends do not know what is called Web 2, do not know what the social. He felt that there was a book, film, and music on a website, which had something to do with his traditional background.

so he from a traditional media group cheat money, pull a few brothers together, catch the product after half a year was out of the grass, I used to help him with his staff when the first sentence is "like bean", friends in the side of SAMSAM smile. There are books, music, movies, all of them are collected from third parties, and then recruited a few fresh students to do the editor.

then? Then there is no, product development lag, the expected users to participate in uploading content does not appear, and even they also went to open an official group watercress. Then after half a year to find new investors, the team will fall apart, so the result is very difficult to convince people to continue.

the last thing my friend gave me was that I didn’t know what watercress was, and maybe Yang Bo didn’t know. But there is an invisible line in the heart of Yang Bo, you can guide the watercress continue to move forward; but their hearts only Yang Bo watercress, can not be copied, can not go beyond.

another story is about the line. A friend living in the vicinity of a lot of restaurants, he found that there are a lot of restaurants have their own vegetables, meat suppliers, but are very irregular fragmented business.

so he got a van painted a little, hit a "XX professional distribution" trademark, made two sets of uniforms. Then take the fish, meat and vegetables from the wholesale market, with lower prices than those suppliers, he soon had a number of small restaurants as customers, earned the first pot of gold.

and then continue to recruit staff, with their own raw materials suppliers, than the wholesale market

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