Google AdSense China will be how to change

is not included, the flow is the mother;

Google low income, money is the father.

: personal webmaster Doggerels

Google AdSense has announced that it will implement local payment messages like "the Eight Route Army", let the devil jump, let people excited. For a long time did not see the good news about Adsense, many people have accused Chinese Adsense administrator will only English policy optimization and literal translation publisher Blog, and China local publishers do not accord, seem to all have "open disease". Although the salon invited frequently, but there is lack of publicity, be careful, as the Eight Route Army, more like the enemy team.

a, Google Adsense to achieve local payment is true or false?

this question should be no doubt, after a number of industry media and the verification of the webmaster community, Adsnese is not a localized payment is not enough, this is the trend.

two, Google Adsense who will choose to do the payment partner


? Joke, unless GG gentlemen of the donkey head to kick, Alipay has been with mom with intimacy, ask a China Major League pressure tightness under Alipay Ali mother can get the favor of the Adsense? Google Adsense said evil, the local pay not only their operation schedule, more is to deal with the mother of Ali and Baidu, Baidu is the most similar to the Google product line, the audit degree is not less than Google Adsense, it is important to Baidu union expenditure amounted to 115%, 100% is far greater than the performance increase. This can not help but worry Adsense.


Pass, Paypal


Paypal is known in China than Western Union also troubles Dongdong, are more trouble, some will actually become dead money, need to support the dollar account credit card, a lot of people are not the stuff, simply said, this thing is not good, believe that Li Kaifu will not choose another Li Kaifu to complete the payment of this work.

so what’s left is our strong local bank. The great cup, the national general, which take which convenient, off-site withdrawal fee is relatively low. UnionPay core banks have basically achieved efficient electronic banking services.

therefore, we speculate that Adsense is likely to use UnionPay payment.

three, Adsense to achieve local payments, will not deduct tax?

from the main line, using UnionPay to pay it, Adsense will not be tax deductible? We can say that Google Adsense is definitely the tax deduction, the Eight Route Army.

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