Gong Haiyan the two venture for extremely excited entrepreneurial passion

91 foreign teachers

founder and chairman Gong Haiyan (Jiayuan founder)

and information technology news from August 13th to 15, 2013 Chinese Internet Conference held in Beijing International Convention Center, the theme of this conference is to build a good ecological environment, good service network life ", the topic covers many areas of mobile Internet, e-commerce, Internet banking, big data, cloud computing, networking, IPv6, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.. During the meeting, 7 teachers, 91 founder and chairman Gong Haiyan was invited to accept the interview and news of science and technology.

As the founder of

Jiayuan, for Gong Haiyan again founded 91 teachers intention, at the end of last year to do Jiayuan CEO, threw the day-to-day management of the main business again, hope beyond the self. (find) that I started is like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site.

spoke on the topic of business students, Gong Haiyan does not recommend early business, she said, entrepreneurship for many people only once in a lifetime, if it is too early to try, immediately faced a failure, fear, there will be second start, will find a job after a flat flat light, let oneself have enough power to blow, don’t start, so easy to give up.

for the following interview record:

and technology: you and friends, Hello! In 2013 China Internet Conference, we are very honored to be invited to the 91 teacher’s founder and chairman Gong Haiyan Gong Zong, please Gong Zonggen and friends say hello


Gong Haiyan: Hello, I’m Gong Haiyan!

and technology: first introduce you just launched a new business platform


Gong Haiyan: I’m doing Jiayuan at the end of the CEO, behind the day-to-day management of business again, do 91 net foreign teachers, recruit a large number of foreign students in the United States, in China recruitment, teachers and students from home and school in front of the computer, student and teacher is a real time face to face, there is a whiteboard, the teacher can writing on the whiteboard, the experience and the classroom business are very similar, but it allows students to learn more freely in space.

and technology: we know before you are Jiayuan Jiayuan CEO, and have been very successful, what is the business goal and motivation you out of the


Gong Haiyan: hope beyond self. That I started also like played chicken, with all kinds of efforts, is to make the company to make the best Internet site. When my goal is reached, the company also listed, and feel lost. I am a love set goals and standards for their own people, so more empty and boring life is the most I can not stand, I think last year also.

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