An outer circle of real Wangzhuan experience

there are many webmaster do the purpose is to through the network, the website to make money, is what we call the network marketing, I think a lot of people will have such an idea, if do network marketing, we must first learn to do Wangzhuan, SEO, have a deep understanding of the network marketing the. But yesterday, Ma Haixiang occasionally read an article to make some changes in my thoughts. A friend said he deals in things recently, the friend will do belong to the system including the current stage in the University, and not SEO who is not a circle, but he said these things are pure combat Wangzhuan, let us a little cry, would let some of the so-called "network marketing" people laugh and cry.


this friend is from the beginning of the beginning of the Taobao guest, usually I contact the Taobao customer most of the train of thought has several kinds: 1, stand group; 2, batch send advertising (such as: QQ space, BBS); 3. He said he had applied for dozens of Taobao customers shop every store to collect a lot of data and then described the baby, write some vivid Taobao links to change into the guest described in this way, he every day to more than a thousand dollars of income increase, and Taobao has not been frozen and successful now, because I’m on Taobao a guest have some understanding, I first thought he was bragging, then ask questions.

: how do you apply for so many stores?

: I bought a lot of ready-made real name Alipay and then through an examination after the completion of what can not only store shelves of goods.

Q: where do you come from Taobao


: I do disappear, credibility is the software brush rack, also was a shop that I improve reputation too fast. (1 months and 3 diamonds, the latter said)

Q: where do you come from Taobao


answer: WeChat shake. (after this, it’s amazing)

asked: how do you get conversion


answer: the beginning of all links to the same shop, the conversion rate is low, then I changed to a single product on a single product, the effect is very good.

after these problems I found that he is with Taobao Taobao store and the effect is very good, but he said the present method has been Taobao fully blocked, he did N a lot of Taobao is a registered guest account, N stores and all new stores, doing so is not afraid of sealing. The letter should have done, students can try Taobao off.

and he added a few groups, with video screen video experts in Wangzhuan colleagues, video 399 yuan / copies, apprentice 2000 yuan a month he took the 10 disciples, sold dozens of tutorials, sell something also in this process, such as Taobao baby data, I asked him why not sell the program, he said the program was bought by him not to sell, but sell his history >

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