What is the most common contradiction between founders and employees

how to deal with the common conflicts of enterprises gracefully? 11 gives their suggestions for entrepreneurs. In a start-up, the contradiction is can hardly be avoided, too long working time, space and resources in general gold, people often stubborn, all this may not be able to avoid, but if fully prepared, you can gracefully handle. In order to figure out how to deal with corporate conflicts, the author asked 11 Young Entrepreneurs Association member companies founder of the company two questions:

what is the most common contradiction between your startup and your employees (only one answer) and how do you solve these problems quickly?

1 delegate work

in an entrepreneurial environment, people’s pace is always very fast, if there is no clear person in charge, the project will be easy to give up. When two employees are doing the same job, they will feel that they do not need to be responsible, then the contradiction will appear.

to be honest, this is a question of leadership, the company executives at each meeting, or in each mail are required to delegate responsibilities. When the conflict occurs, we must first admit that communication is not clear enough, and then clearly specify a person will continue to be responsible for the project.

you may need to timely smooth her messy feathers, then clearly indicate who should manage projects, and to minimize confusion contradiction.

– Kelly Azevedo, She’s Got Systems

2 determines direction

in the entrepreneurial environment, the speed of change is always very fast, so there is always a variety of views on the direction of the development of start-up companies. The goal of the company is actually what each team member needs to do. If the company does not reach a consensus around a common goal, it is likely to lead to conflict.

this conflict has a very simple solution, that is the founder of enterprises must have a very clear corporate vision, and objectives of the company to explain all the employees of the company continuously strengthened, and employees need to know the direction of enterprise development is actually according to different circumstances change.

– David Ehrenberg, Early Growth Financial Services2.

3 implementation of 80/20 rules

you must not allow your employees to agree with you 100% at a time, and in the product design and production process, they can not do with your expectations of the 100% anastomosis. Overall, I am not too accounting for these, nor will it require employees to make a wide range of changes in the product, in general, if they can achieve my expectations of 80% to 90%, it can be.

– Shaun King, Upfront

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