2009 New Year gift to the webmaster

2008 has been quietly, 2009 new weather, new opportunities, in 2009 the station you ready? Today I bring you a little money, I can’t expect we have very high approval for this article, but also not evil mockery, this is my own idea http://s.www.topxuexi.com. This article is promoting learning research articles, please indicate the.

if you are a college student:

college students have a lot of time, and let the wasted in online games, rather than learning about the construction site, add some experience for myself, now I give students some Adsense money plan, hoping to bring some inspiration to you

1 to build a school forum: a general university of about more than 20 thousand people, built a school Entertainment Forum, using such a range of school advantages can be a good promotion, and a registered user, can negotiate advertising matters and nearby businesses, the promotion of proper income or considerable.

2 build a WAP station: many college students love playing mobile phone, mobile phone reading, playing games and they often do, build a WAP site to provide mobile phone and mobile phone novel download game download to them, and then apply for several mobile phone advertising, promotion is not too big, as long as some users can, compared to the Internet mobile phone advertising, advertising is very good, a software of UCWEB 1.2, this method is quite

3 to build a school of electronic magazine: do about the school’s electronic magazine, do have a certain influence, the profit model is estimated to find nearby businesses to advertise, and this should be good to think about their own.

if you are a white collar:

use their own advantages, build a related website, flow does not matter, the key is to have a good profit model, more specific to the promotion of target customers, which depends on the ability of individuals, of course, can also find professional planning team, the cost is high, but the effect is good.

if you are a game master:

play the game still can get money, build a website, the game inside friends invited to people, people are slowly, can do some popularity, and then built a trading platform, you can buy cards, equipment, publishing tasks,

and so on

there are a lot of opportunities in the world, the key is to think, WAL-MART can sell the Department so much, what else can we do bad


novice learn to set up QQ group: 77907815, the group is not suitable for the basic learning, there is no basis to add, the opportunity to leave it to others, thank you!

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