Under the financial crisis a new direction to make money

in fact, I have written before the relevant articles, but some time ago just personal ideas, and no in-depth investigation. The write out, is based on some of their own practice summary. I hope we can help, especially in the current economic downturn.

my idea is to register their own domain name, preferably com meters, in fact, net, CN, etc.. But the highest relative weight of COM meters. My own test site is the use of CN meters,. But the meter is going to go on record. Filing is sometimes very troublesome, but I am not so much trouble filing. Ha ha, if you feel it is difficult to record, you can go to the Internet to find a professional record, it seems to be able to record down soon.

the following specific talk about the profit point of this idea where?

this is mainly for the novice or part-time and do not have the conditions for investment, we need only have the thunder Union (which should be invited to register) a + m, with the rest of the space thunder official, just put ename meters to thunder address set. This eliminates the need for a lot of investment, or to save the most of the investment in a new station. And so on a few days, the audit will automatically open through the site, set their own advertising, copyright notices and other information can be. The rest is the need to promote the site.

we all know that new sites need to be promoted. So how to promote? To the forum, blog, Admin5 hair articles and so on, many methods, I believe we have their own basic methods, here is not much, if necessary, I will take the time over time and then reissued an article about the promotion.

first wrote here, to update the site, ha ha. Yes, if you want to see the effect, we can see the effect of my station. Preliminary name network: the University City movie network, maybe I will change the name, then go step by step. Because this is my test station, there may be a lot of problems in the future, when there are results I will share with you. I hope a lot of attention to the station, pay more attention to you, is I have good results and share the source. Finally, I wish you all through the financial recession, a lot of money. In this paper, by the www.dxcdy.cn station feeds.

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