Talk about how to obtain high flow SkyDrive download money

recently discovered SkyDrive download more fire to make money, compared to traditional Wangzhuan, like the registration task, voting class, class Wangzhuan Wangzhuan hook and so on, SkyDrive seems to download money faster, also more simple. SkyDrive download money mainly relies on the flow, this kind of website is more common in some foreign SkyDrive, as long as the user to download a file upload that usually will earn 0.0001 or 0.001 dollars. But this is the dollar, which is worth more than the yuan. Which is the key to get the download SkyDrive money flow, in fact, careful if you often hang out in the Chengren forum would you should see some pictures or video download address, the address point in general to stay for a few seconds or a few minutes, and then enter the verification code, it is different from the usual when we download files directly you can download. Like these files as long as we downloaded, the user is to upload files to make money, he is 0.0001 dollars to make money so accumulated. Perhaps you think the price is too low, can make money? But personally think, should be good! Why?

Chengren forum to know very popular fire, the daily traffic in the tens or even hundreds of thousands or more, the posts, there are a lot of people to download your file, but your file must be enough to attract top Langyou title, enough temptation, pictures are exciting, as long as your seed is not the kind of people see the old things, then there will be a lot of people to download. At the same time, a lot of new posts as long as one, not only in this forum will be downloaded, and reproduced by many netizens to other forums, such unconscious on the formation of a viral marketing promotion effect. So, the current SkyDrive download money basically in Chengren to obtain forum posting a lot of traffic, this post will not be the moderator to delete, but also thank you for posting moderator. If your post is good enough, moderator to your desktop, the traffic is rushing to. In this way, the dollar will soon earn.


download money advice:

1, can easily upload, easy to download, relatively high price to SkyDrive. This is the fundamental way to make money quickly.

2, upload seeds enough new, the title is tempting enough to induce more users to download your seed, which is the key to get the maximum traffic.

3, released every day seed file, early test a week a week to see how much profit, if beyond the ordinary Wangzhuan can continue to do that.

4, making a simple graphic tutorial download, because many people do not like the SkyDrive download, so to teach you how to download.

OK, we can try to download what specific SkyDrive can make money can use Baidu Search, a comprehensive comparison of several good choice, try SkyDrive. This article from the Qingdao wedding original, reproduced please retain the author’s copyright, thank you.

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