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show" electronic ticket business combined with the two-dimensional code certification of international advanced technology, users can through the website or mobile phone convenient ticket, exempt from queuing, scheduled in advance to avoid tight seat ticket lost. Users only need to select the shadow tickets and pay for the success of the electronic ticket received, you can go to the cinema scene, self-service ticket machine, the experience of fashion self check tickets, admission viewing. At present, Shanghai has opened in Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan UME Huaxing, stellar, Xintiandi, UME, grand May flower, Tianhui dozens of first-line Star Theater


type: CPS


* 4Standard: according to the effective amount of 3% booking Commission

. The advertising effect that period: 60 days

. The settlement period:


. The data return mechanism: real-time return

* advertising review mode: automatic audit

custom links:


1, the show does not support the users "coupons" and "data gift card payment return, only support returned by the online payment data, please pay attention in the promotion activities.

2, due to show implementation of domain name, therefore, membership in the use of custom links, please note that should use as a domain name link address.

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