Push off China how to make money through SNS promotion

SNS is an aggregation of social networking, the more popular popularity SNS website kaixin001.com and renren.com, happy net, watercress, 51, Baidu, a large number of practice has proved that the SNS community has more viscous, higher trust degree, more effective power of reputation. Today, the user is playing more and more common SNS, SNS marketing has become a network marketing can not be ignored. Many large companies in Europe and America have demonstrated the successful practice of Internet operations on SNS. In fact, those useful attempt, for any enterprise have reference value. Modern marketing, companies must try to master the Internet, here are some tips for SNS marketing:

1, registered friends. After the registration is successful, the station is more active users as friends, improve the visibility of the ID in this SNS.

2, adding related groups. Like QQ group, through the search, apply to join a number of related products and promote the group.

3, daily update log. Share with friends and groups, cause attention. In particular, to provide some useful information that we are more concerned about. SNS community which is only recognized by the user is likely to be shared, so as to achieve the purpose of communication.

4, launched a popular vote. SNS community has a basic function, that is, voting function. We can start some voting in SNS. On the one hand can be used for data analysis, on the other hand can provide users in the station for your attention.

5, APP game promotion. Currently there are many popular SNS community games, these games to some extent contributed to the development of SNS. Therefore, these games are very popular in the SNS. It is necessary to use these games to promote the website.

6, under the high footprint. A lot of other people to share a hot topic or topic is very high. Therefore, a sofa, playing a small ad is a very good choice.

7, speculation is worth sharing a hot topic. According to the theory of six degrees of space to infer, a compelling topic in the SNS community to share can be spread to every corner of the SNS. Hot topics in different industries should be published in the corresponding industry SNS share. This article source: push guest China

8, make full use of each useful component. After SNS registration can be added to the component to open some useful components. Useful components can be divided into two categories, one is emotional interaction, for example, the stock market simulation, a move on him, friends trading, fishing, parking dispute, through these components can be slowly deepened with friends feelings, on the back of the promotion is very helpful. Another is the promotion of sharing, for example, short blog, diary, recording, post, voting, poster board and so on, these components can be put through to the promotion of the content into the eye of a friend. These two types are mutually complementary