Do the product as a conference

millet Li Wanqiang in the sense of participation, a book to do a sense of immersion, the theater style conference wrote:

conference is the core of the product, the key form of presentation. The core elements needed in pre repeated torture: thoroughly tempered the number of audience screaming? All these screaming at all prior to sorting out the reasonable arrangement, it is best to ensure that every 5 minutes there is a scream, throughout the audience to do the whole urine.


process scream

a bland conference to boost the atmosphere, is not conducive to the promotion of products. The design of these screams, active atmosphere, can promote people’s body language, such as applause, nod, scream, etc..

psychological research found that the human body and the psychological interaction and interaction of the whole. Some emotions can trigger the corresponding body language, such as anger, we will clench his fist, shortness of breath, when we will be happy corner of the mouth, facial muscles relax. However, changes in body language can also lead to emotional changes, when you can not adjust the inner mood, you can adjust the body language, to bring out the mood you need. For example, if you force yourself to smile, you will find that your heart starts to flow, so you can be happy when you pretend to be happy.

price scream

conference by using the principle of mind body interaction, the audience relax vigilance, fans closer distance, driven by body language, so as to make everyone feel happy excited, to achieve the desired results, in the audience also through various media, information and communication platform to share their feelings and joy, so as to achieve the information diffusion and promotion of the brand.


is a well-designed conference, can cause limb and psychological reactions of users, greatly improve the experience of the conference, word-of-mouth marketing, the same product can also learn the spirit of the conference, in the product intentionally set screaming, causing users resonance or emotional reaction. In the Kano model, the attractive attributes and the expected attributes are the best means of expression. As shown in the following figure Kano model, only when the charm attributes and expectations of the property has a high degree of time, customer satisfaction will grow, especially when the charm of the property, the user satisfaction growth is greater than the linear growth.


Kano model

: user charisma attribute unexpected, if you do not provide this requirement, user satisfaction is not reduced, but when this demand, customer satisfaction will be greatly improved; (nonlinear growth, growth rate)

expected attributes: when this requirement is provided, user satisfaction will be enhanced when the user is not provided