Huang Cong novice webmaster can now do Taobao guest

review: 2010 can be said to be one of the most popular annual Taobao customers, countless stationmaster earned a pot of gold by his Taobao customers, but on the Internet any money mode has its own life cycle. Passed in 2010, Taobao guest still worth novice webmaster to do? If not, how to choose the new Adsense?

Taobao customer competition white hot

in 2010, the most famous of the Taobao is undoubtedly the founder of Nanjing Li Hui Information Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Hui’s weight loss drug list.

Jiang Hui has made a long tail word diet pills by SEO, obtained each month tens of thousands of dollars of income, and the technology to copy for the nearly 20 thousand students, suddenly the network with numerous Taobao guest website, apparently, to October 10, 2011, Taobao has been there the situation on the network.

novice webmaster now do Taobao customers should do blue ocean products

Huang Cong believes that Taobao’s popular products are basically dominated by almost, in Baidu search Taobao rankings, you will find that the fiftieth page is also a full screen top-level domain name.

novice webmaster now want to enter Taobao, can only choose the segments of the market, the competition is not the product, or they are familiar with the product, if you still want to do such as "lose weight", "acne", "white" and other popular words, single handedly is unable to do so.

in short, novice webmaster do Taobao guest on a word: looking for blue ocean products.

novice webmaster do Taobao guest attention

1, do not rely too much on SEO: combined with Q & a platform marketing, blog forum marketing, email marketing. Network marketing is not limited to SEO, and these platforms have a large number of accurate traffic.

2, pay attention to the contents of the article, Taobao advertising: the perfect fusion of many Taobao customers are a large number of customers can not solve the problem of the search engine to cope, then hung on the top of the site on Taobao customers such as Taobao advertising, guest website and can not solve the problem for the customer and let the customer resentment, sooner or later such sites will be blocked. Novice webmaster do Taobao customer demand to write articles.

3 login page: login page art beautiful and humane to have great relevance to the turnover rate, it is difficult for clients to trust an out of order website, want to increase the turnover rate, novice webmaster must carefully design their own ".

2011 is Taobao passenger started to go downhill, but it still give the webmaster Everfount the revenue, and as a guest who now enter Taobao novice webmaster do not fear difficulties, any marketing mode has the market, since you are later, will intensify and go straight on.

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