Pea pods hackers marathon mode of operation

is a widely used method of working in pea pods, where product designers play an important role in Design, and how does it work for efficient collection of ideas and product definitions?

, Hackathon

more than 4 months ago, geeks Park into the pea pods, the record of this a hundred scale team to achieve high efficient work. One mentioned, pea pods on a large scale adjustment of management structure in June last year, the original department matrix reorganized into a more flat project, when a new project is determined, will determine the corresponding design, development and operation of temporary staff to form a project team. After the project is completed, the project team is disbanded and reorganized for the next project or into other projects.

Another feature of

pea pods is that there is no special product manager. When a project is formed, the product designer will be responsible for the design of the project if the product is designed as the lead. The product designer plays an important role in the process of shaping the pea pods. Then based on the efficient project, pea pods designers follow the product design method of what? In the last week of the IxDC 2013 Internet Conference, pea pods in the "brand design workshop" form for the first time introduced has been widely used in the internal "Design Hackathon" (design of Marathon) method.

what is Design Hackathon?

Hackathon believe that a lot of people can literally see it, is a combination of Hack (programming) and Marathon (marathon), which is favored by programmers and technology enthusiasts, hackers marathon. In a variety of hacker marathon activities, participants in a cooperative way to write the program, the process often does not set limits or direction.

Design Hackathon, just as its name implies, the upcoming hacker marathon thinking mode into the product design. All participating designers, engineers need to be in a certain period of time to brainstorm ways, as much as possible to conceive the possibilities associated with the product, and then sort out the core concepts and requirements of the product from the direction of the product design, sort out and form a product prototype.

Design Hackathon is more suitable for use in the definition phase of the product. In the design direction and the target is not clear, Design Hackathon can quickly find the product may exist in various directions, with a "long" way to seek the idea of landing products. In this process, the team’s inspiration and creativity are often able to get full excitation.

Design Hackathon


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