Sina micro blog to promote the actual combat Taobao how to improve the conversion rate

Taobao customers can make money, but more and more difficult to do. A lot of long tail keywords have been occupied by numerous Taobao single product site, through the site to promote Taobao customers increasingly difficult. Relying on popular platform to promote Taobao customers is a good way out. Taobao customers through Baidu know, ask, Renren and other income over ten thousand. What is more, through the QQ platform to promote a monthly income of 200 thousand. Micro-blog is one of the most popular platform, the data is often refreshed. A lot of people are being promoted by Taobao micro-blog quietly make money, as the amount of money can not be estimated. Should be close to QQ space. Recently, I also tried a Sina micro-blog to promote the practice of Taobao customers. The process is as follows:

first step: micro-blog account preparation

micro-blog Taobao promotion, account is the key to the success or failure, the quality of the account to be evaluated from the number of fans, the number of broadcast, broadcast number, theme and other aspects. In particular, there must be no zombie fans. My account is my start from 0. The source of the fans is to listen to the novice and get back to listen to. Up to an account number of fans close to ten thousand. There are 8 more than 2 thousand fans in the audience. Add up to 30 thousand of all account listeners. But the fans’ activity and quality.

second step: the choice of goods

Not far from

when I was real Chinese Valentine’s day, "the Qixi Festival" to the Taobao alliance there to find a relatively recent sales, the price is right, the Commission of higher products. So I choose the following products. It’s a bit of a novelty. It’s quite attractive. Commission 30%, sell a commission of $10.


third step: micro-blog broadcast

micro-blog broadcast I divided into two, the first one is advertising, direct to the audience, Tanabata, to the other half of the gift, this is a good choice. And then broadcast the broadcast with the remaining 8 numbers. The results are as follows:


second is a soft type, the commodity romantic, you can also look like a romantic Tanabata, and then use the remaining number of 8 broadcast this broadcast. The results are as follows.


can be seen from here, although it is advertising, but as long as you advertise something good, or someone will broadcast. Buckle to the 8 number of the relay, natural transmission also has more than 10+. Let’s take a look at the two micro-blog brings the number of hits:


we feel very curious, why the total number of retransmissions will add up to less than 40, how would there be so many clicks? The reason is actually very simple, is decided by the type of micro-blog’s audience, the audience can see details of micro-blog’s classification of another article "my Huang Qingquan: precise >

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