Sina Google alliance partners asked the court to ignore

                  because of that part of their cooperation against the interests of agents, recently, advertising agents will reason Sina (NASDAQ:SINA) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) to court.

in June 11th this year, Sina and Google (Google) jointly announced in Beijing, the two sides will cooperate, web search services, sina will be fully responsible by Google, the search results will jump directly to the web search page.

Sina executives said: "the integration of both the advantages of resources can not only improve the competitive ability of the two companies, but also for the Sina and Google users and customers to provide better user experience and customer service."

According to the Beijing area agents Beijing World Online Advertising Co. Ltd, introduced in June 12th this year, without any prior notice, suddenly unilaterally change the original position of the advertising words, ask web search results on the right side of the fixed ranking dispersion shifted to Iask ask, news search, blog search, video Search ask ask the right. As a result of the company has signed and partially fulfill the 379 search engine charging service contract can not continue to perform.

Beijing World Online Advertising Co., one hand to two agents and customers and consultation, comfort, on the other hand, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the company or restore its customers and two agents and economic losses, and repeatedly negotiation, intent to resolve the matter as soon as possible. But today, Sina no problem solving attitude and response.


, Beijing World Online Advertising Co. Ltd decided to resolve the matter through legal means, and in June 26th formally to the Beijing Arbitration Commission submitted an application for arbitration, it is reported that the Beijing Arbitration Commission has formally accepted.

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