Clever use of Ali mother get tens of thousands of traffic Raiders

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      Ali mother has launched a period of time, from the point of view of the time response, Ali mother now mainly do or the cultivation of basic stage, the main development in small and medium markets, and the number of accumulated resources to the original site, the amount of advantage to attract advertisers, to achieve profitability and market promotion effect.

      if only in accordance with the thinking of a way to do the Ali Mama, merely positioning itself in a station level, always can only earn the meager advertising costs, to 02~06 years SP crazy time, many owners are now did not flow to do with deep hatred and resentment, not crazy, crazy do not do crazy erotic, sms. Remember that time, a movie website within 7 days can sweep ten thousand yuan, but this is entirely a personal webmaster of the winter, SP collapsed, the country attracted more and more erotic content, website traffic collapse, as if more and more.

      traffic is not worth the money, the webmaster, you will remember that the flow is not only data, but a living online, is a potential consumer groups, the flow of money, because there is no particular things and using flow.

so how to flow? Now the main several ways:

1.    SEO

      good this way, is the source of traffic is stable, drawback is: fierce competition, need technical basis, and long-term unremittingly, if cheating, there may be K domain name.


and link exchange station

      do not underestimate the station links, one day bring tens of thousands of traffic is possible, but the disadvantages are obvious: the station is willing to exchange links with you?

3.  purchase flow and advertising

      so far is the usual means of many non internet companies, Internet advertising prices are not low, Sohu like Sina home page advertising column, have done hundreds of thousands of days.

e-commerce era, the opportunities and challenges

      now is the era of electronic commerce, the characteristics of the times of the decision, only to do e-commerce can have lasting value and support of electronic commerce, is precisely the flow, we don’t always scold VC, what VC> said

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