The future development direction of nternet Entrepreneurship

said that 2014 is the first year of the Internet business, but how to start a business, what is the direction of entrepreneurship today Xiaobian and we talk about the future direction of the Internet business.

We all know that

Ma Yun has recently acquired the cultural Chinese and China media, the acquisition of cultural Chinese is on behalf of the Alibaba with HK $6 billion 244 million acquisition of 60% stake in the acquisition of cultural China, China media is the name of the two common control with Ma Yun and Shi Yuzhu Yunxi holding 20% to 6 billion 507 million yuan acquisition of China media shares. Both companies are cultural companies, and two transactions are more than 6 billion.

have you ever wondered why Ma and Shi Yuzhu spend so much money to hold two cultural companies?

this is the two chiefs gave us directions, tell us the future of the cultural industry will be booming, we are about to usher in the outbreak of the cultural industry. In other words, we can start the future direction of cultural industries.

there may be people who do not know what the cultural industry, Baidu encyclopedia is explained:

cultural industry can basically be divided into three categories:

is a production and sales in the form of a relatively independent of the cultural products of the industry (such as the production and sale of books, newspapers, television, audio and video products and other industries); two is in the form of services and cultural services industries (such as drama and dance performances, sports, entertainment, planning, brokerage, etc.); three is to provide cultural value-added industries to other industries and commodities (such as decoration, decoration, cultural tourism image design, etc.).

suggest that you can start a business, create a platform for cultural communication start, behind add cultural content, you can now try to do some culture communication small site trial operation, and the cost is very low, this website will not buy a virtual host server, you can, you can go to the virtual host the United States host detective buy a HostEase, now use the coupon code: 50off buy HostEase virtual host minimum 5 fold, probably add a domain for one year is two hundred or three hundred yuan, even the ordinary student party can try in the Internet business.

of course, there are many ways to start the Internet, you do not have to choose small series recommended, as long as you fit, suitable for future development requirements, it is the best direction of entrepreneurship.

finally remind everyone in the Internet business, but also do not forget the impact of the mobile Internet, your Internet venture is the most PC side and mobile terminal can take into account both.

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