Li Xueling worth one billion tycoon in seven or eight


Cheng Lingfeng gossip – Li Pangzi

Chinese listed Internet company CEO, we have a little relationship with the peak brother man. Today, I want to gossip about this fat man. From those things, understand a book worth one billion of the "rich" is how a person living.

07 years to do this magazine. Li Xueling suggested that you should do a magazine to sell one hundred dollars. That’s probably what it says:

one hundred, people dig a four head out at the airport, do not change. Very simply. Can spend one hundred to buy a magazine, do not care about these one hundred. Since it is sold one hundred, have to find a monthly salary of forty thousand reporters. Don’t worry about survival, write good things. Each for people like Liu Chuanzhi to guest editor. High quality. This magazine ten thousand people buy no problem, is the one million. Enough to cover the salaries and printing press, channels. Never advertise, not bow and scrape writing.

this idea was moved by the peak brother. But don’t get together business people. I told Li Xueling that the idea is inseparable from the people, they can only do their own, and so you can do retirement.

heard that Li Xueling’s wife was a journalist too. Love love travel. Two years ago, he took his son to visit the continents. Don’t get me wrong, not because Li Xueling had so much money. It is said to have a unique approach.

each country for a few months, their car rental, from east to west from the south to the north, live Motel. It costs about $one hundred a day, a few months plus a ticket of less than 100 thousand yuan. After returning to the experience in a book, to press royalties just enough cost. Wife with his son on the way dependent sooner or later, the son of a way to see the world, a different kind of experience and education.

it’s a legend. But it feels like Li Xueling did. This reporter from the continuous change and novelty of people, must have their own different ideas, always out of the ordinary language, especially with people twisted, provocations and attacks, which impressed me. Dare to practice, take risks. In fact, this is the 99.9% reporters will not make a listed company.

in 2003, graduated from the peak brother, want to be a reporter. However, a dozen copies of the magazine’s resume, not an interview. The editor in chief of NetEase Li Xueling saw a want to do the "young people’s University Press in 51job resume curitiba". So called. Then I went into the NetEase to do the Internet reporter. That’s my only media interview and OFFER.

Li Xueling is the peak brother into the media. Guide.

at that time, Li Xueling gave me a piece of advice: do not write big companies, you should go to write 50 small companies, such as small companies have grown up, you and their founder of the relationship is unusual. This proposal is of great value even today. Unfortunately, the peak brother is lazy. Also.

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