English Blog to make money in a few good direction

      in Blog what to make money, I said some of the Blog circles in the Blog to write to make money, billyben friends message, gave a good link, referred to the John Chow Blog.

      a very interesting example, you can provide those who strive to make money on the way to make friends Blog reference.

      in his blog earned $230 thousand per month ($7000) mentioned, John Chow by writing Blog, advertising, etc., in a month, received $more than 7 thousand in revenue.

      from what I’ve seen, this Blog began in December 2005, until 2006 of the year in which the various ads were launched in the year of September. More than 9 months before the foundation is playing. Do not have a good foundation, want to accomplish one by one, immediately put ads, one will not have a good effect, two is likely to focus on their own vague. In the foundation stage, should be to create content, the establishment of word of mouth, as the focus of.

      also I have extracted the income John Chow
  has been analyzed;     John Chow dot Com Income
      ReviewMe: $2250.00
      Text Links Ads: $1162.50
&;     Affiliate Sales:; $1005.00
      Google; AdSense: $977.60
      Vibrant IntelliTXT:; $516.98
      Direct Ad; Sales: $400.00
      AdVolcano: $375.00
      TTZ Media:   $224.17
    FeedBurner; Ads: $99.80
      Grand Total: $701>

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