The website conversion rate of benefit

used in the Internet bubble burst in the winter, read a book ".Com" burning books, it is a description of the Chinese Internet’s most avid book, breaking from the expansion, to bubble, runs through is a word – eyeball economy.

Internet has always been a big show, as compared to any industry, it needs more attention, and burn campaign produced, with Chinese stock market, to buy or not to buy, as long as the attention, as long as over the fire burned more prosperous, the total a later pay thousands on thousands of is not so important, this profit model is.

many of the best Internet companies have disappeared with the collapse of the bubble economy, but the fanatical "God making movement" has a profound impact on China’s internet. It makes the Internet back to health, rational track, thinking that many Internet practitioners to calm the Internet to give what we have, the birth of a large number of great China Internet Corporation.

it is undeniable that the eyeball economy has become a prelude to the new economy at present, in many areas, it is an indispensable part, from the prosperity and development of the commercial market speculation is not difficult to see, it is full of charm and value. But in 1999 the bubble of pain, many Internet practitioners still remember, in fact, if you leave the "eyeball to eyeball economy transformation process", there may be just a huge bubble, may also be not worth a hair.

wrote this article is not to deny the eye (attention) on the role of the site, because everyone knows what the flow of a commercial website means. However, in the eyes of the trend of the economy has even been polluted today, attracting traffic has become increasingly difficult, or that the cost is growing. Our wish is to attract more traffic and improve the website customer conversion rate, these visitors will translate into real customers, do not let these flows become a thing of the past.

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experience the groundless talk, I would like to believe that the Internet can do only down-to-earth. SEO itself is a good thing, but was regarded as the means of cheating, I once in a very long period of time at search engine pages because webmasters to SEO to give up their own characteristics, a lot of garbage and duplicate content constantly filled with the eye, and these websites every day 100 thousand people visit, I still believe that they are hard to let more people trust, and how much these visitors will be their customers?

chat with a travel agency customers, he said the Yunnan tourism website common difficulties, because the Yunnan tourism dependence on the Internet has been very high, many people make a travel website and put a certain promotion expenses, can receive a certain number of customers. But the paradox is that the cost of promotion will be higher and higher, if once the promotion fee reduced

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